No Stone Left Unturned

Before and after - coffee table to tv stand edition.

My mom and I found this beautiful tv stand at Big Lots in my hometown! We decided it was what I needed to replace the coffee table that was a make shift stand when my cousin moved out (since the old one was her’s).

Little did we know that the box was over six feet long and wouldn’t fit in my jeep. My dad came to the rescue to pick it up with his truck and creatively made it fit for transport back to Baltimore.

I had a dilemma as to how I was going to transfer this 100+ pound box from my jeep to the house. We narrowed it down to two options. 1. Find a neighbor outside. 2. Breakdown the box in the car and carry pieces in one by one.

I rolled up to my house at 2:30 this afternoon - not a person in sight. I stalled for time hoping a neighbor would show up from work by unloading my weekend bag and goodies mom had sent home with me. Still - no one. I grabbed a knife and started cutting the tape to begin the daunting task of pull apart the packaging, tape and tiny pieces. In that instant, a huge white van turned onto my street and a woman jumped out to deliver phone books on every door. The driver immediately saw me with the huge box and practically had it in his hands as he asked if I needed help carrying it inside. He did it without wanting any kind of monetary thanks. He simply smiled and said that he was glad he was there when I needed him.

What a kind soul. He made my day and I made sure I told him that six times before they pulled away to continue delivering.

Now only if I had someone here while I put that beast together. Only took 2 hours.

I need a drink.

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